About Flying Start Triathlon XI

Due to the weather forecast official warnings, and the danger of the swimming stage, the organizing committee decided to cancel the swimming stage in the interest of public safety. Accordingly ,it will be replaced by running 1.9KM for all categories and will be as follows:
Olympic: running 1.9km - cycling 40km - running 10km, Sprint: running 1.9km - cycling 20km - running 5 km, Super Sprint: running 1.9km - cycling 10km - running 2.5km. The run-off will be next to the race village. 



Events Details

At the end of 3rd ring road towards Gulf Road, there are 2 empty areas on your left & right-hand side, this is the designated area to park your vehicle 

The race course and transition area will be for participants strictly, however, supporters and family can wait for them at the Race village area.

The Gulf Road is closed for the race between 6:15 am – 10:30 am


Date:         26th October 2018
Location:   Green Island
Party time: 7:00 - 9:00pm

Athletes must wear the yellow wristband to get their free meals. Family and friends are welcome to join and get their meals from all the food vendors available at the race village!

Date:        26th  October 2018

Bibs Distribution:    12:00pm - 3:00pm 
Race Start:             4:00 - 5:30pm
Location:                 Green Island

Participants must bring their registration receipt to collect the kits

Date:         27th October 2018
Location:   Green Island

Olympic Race Start:                                   6:45 AM
Sprint & Super Sprint Race Start:              6:50 AM
Cut Off time:                                             10:15 AM 
Ceremony:                                                10:30AM 

Date:        26th  October 2018

Time:        12:00pm - 8:00pm 

Location:  Green Island

Participants must bring their registration receipt to collect the kits


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Total Participant

Category Price

Category Price  
Super Sprint (350 Swim – 10K Bike – 2.5KRun) 35.000 KD Register
Sprint (750m Swim – 20k Bike – 5k Run) (Team) 55.000 KD Register
Sprint (750m Swim – 20k Bike – 5k Run) 35.000 KD Register
Olympic (1500m Swim - 40k Bike - 10k Run) (Team) 55.000 KD Register
Olympic (1500m Swim - 40k Bike - 10k Run) 35.000 KD Register


Registration Outlets

Name Contact no. Email Address
Pro-Vision Sports Management +965 9880 0003 cs@pro-vision.com Al Mirqab, Abdullah Al Mubarak Street - Al Enma Tower, 12th Floor


Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday, 27th of October Location: Green Island.Gulf Road Closure: 6:15 am. Start Time: 6:45 am Cut Off Time: 10:15 am. Award Ceremony 10:30 am. Participants are advised to be there at least 30 minutes earlier.
Super Sprint - Swim 350M, 10K Bike, 2.5K Run Sprint Swim - 750M Bike - 20KM Run - 5KM Olympic Swim - 1500M Bike - 40KM Run - 10KM
No. Per our official event rules and guidelines: Sale, refund, transfer, alteration of race entry/bib is strictly prohibited.
T-shirt Race Bib Race Chip (to be returned after the race) Wristband, Tattoo, Tri Stickers & Swim Cap Finishers will get: Medal & Online Certificate NOTE: There's a Refundable Racechip fee that will be added to your registration. This amount will be refunded after the race upon returning the Race Chip.
Registration will close on the 25th October (or earlier if all distances are full)
Yes, there are. Please email cs@pro-vision.com for more information.
Date: 26th of October, at Green Island. 12:00 - 8:00pm
No one is allowed to pickup race number on behalf of others, you must come yourself to collect them
Yes. All participants must pick up their event-issued bib number, timing device, technical T-shirt, and Participant on the day of Race Kit Collections. There is NO race day packet pick-up.
For the safety of all participants, we do not allow strollers, dogs, bicycles, roller blades or skateboards on the course.
No. You will be disqualified if found wearing headphones while racing
Your timing chip goes on your left ankle. When you pick up your race packet, there will be directions on the envelope. No timing chip, no finish time! You must return your timing chip after the event chip after the event to collect your refund.
The transition area is a designated area where you can lay out all your equipment. Even though each athlete will have her own space, this area can become very congested after the swim portion and before the run. In this area, the athletes move from the swim to bike and the bike to run.
They are there are assist you with any technical support required prior to the race with your bikes
Only participants with Race bib, tattoo or bike stickers.
You need a bike, helmet, running/walking shoes, goggles, athlete wristband, and your race number. We also suggest, a change of clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, socks, extra fluids to drink pre-race and during the transition and a towel.
When you come out of the swim, run to your bike, put on your helmet and race gear and unrack your bike. RUN WITH YOUR BIKE OUT OF TRANSITION AT THE BIKE EXIT. When you cross the MOUNT/DISMOUNT line you can get on your bike. When you return, you will need to get off your bike again before crossing this line. It is well marked and easy to see. Run with your bike back to the bike rack and re-rack your bike, get your run gear and head out the RUN EXIT.
Notify a race official and we will arrange for a ride back to the transition area for you as soon as are able. Report immediately to the Timing tent and turn in your chip (make sure to tell them who you are, don’t just put your chip on the table). You will not be allowed to continue on the course.
Results will be posted at www.theflyingstart.com on the event-specific Web site under the results tab. Your personal finishing time will be also be emailed to you following the race.
18 to 25, 26 to 35, 36 to 45, 46+
You must submit the race chip after the race at the designated counter to collect your refund back. Failure to do so will result with not receiving your deposited amount of 5KD
All finishers will receive: - Medals - Downloadable Certificate
On the 26th of October 2018 4:00pm
Individual will do the whole race by themselves, whereas teams of 2 or 3 members can each do one discipline and complete the race as a team relay.
Yes our partner Extreme Sports will have their bike mechanics around to help participants.
Yes, we will have medics and ambulances available on the race course
There will be a team on jetski and lifeguards around the swim section
Please contact cs@pro-vision.com for assistance
Please contact cs@pro-vision.com or 9880 0003 for assistance
For those traveling to Kuwait from outside can follow the below link to find out all the information about Visa process: https://kuwaitvisa.com/visa-types/