About Flying Start Triathlon 2021

The Flying Start Triathlon XII is an event that welcomes athletes from various countries within the GCC and the world. Nestled in the Kuwait Bay, Green Island will serve as the host location for the triathlon. This popular tourist attraction is the first artificial island in the Gulf Region.

Triathletes will have the option of competing in one of three categories:


·  Super Sprint: 350m swim - 10km bike - 2.5km run

·  Sprint: 750m swim - 20km bike - 5km run

·  Olympic: 1500m swim - 40km bike - 10km run


Flying Start Triathlon XII accepts registrations by individuals and teams. Teams can compete only in the Sprint and Olympic categories and must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 athletes.

The Flying Start Triathlon annually hosts an exciting Pasta Party which takes place a day before the event. This is the greatest opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow triathletes and community members in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Make history by joining the oldest triathlon in Kuwait!

سيقام سباق فلاينق ستارت ترياثلون يوم السبت ٢٤ أكتوبر ٢٠٢٠. يرحب هذا الحدث والرياضيين من مختلف دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي والعالم. على خليج الكويت تقع الجزيرة الخضراء والتي ستكون بمثابة موقع إستضافة الترياثلون.وهي تشكل عامل جذب سياحي إذا أنها أول جزيرة اصطناعية في منطقة الخليج العربي.

سيكون على الترياثليتس المنافسة عبر الإشتراك بواحدة من ثلاث فئات التالية:

فئة السوبر سبرينت: ٣٥٠ متر سباحة - ١٠ كم دراجة - الجري ٢.٥ كلم

فئة السبرينت: ٧٥٠ متر سباحة - ٢٠ كم دراجة - الجري ٥ كلم

فئة الأولمبيك: ١٥٠٠ متر سباحة - ٤٠ كم دراجة - الجري ١٠ كلم

سباق فلاينق ستارت ترياثلون يفتح إمكانية التسجيل للأفراد والفرق. يمكن للفرق التنافس فقط عن فئتي السبرينت والأولمبيك ويجب أن يكون عدد الفريق ٢ كحد أدنى و٣ كحد أقصى.

يتخلل فعالية فلاينق ستارت ترياثلون سنوياً حفلة " باستا بارتي" مميزة التي تقام قبل يوم من السباق هي تعد أفضل فرصة للاختلاط بين الرياضيين وزملائهم ومع أفراد المجتمع في جو من المرح والإسترخاء.

إصنع التاريخ من خلال الإنضمام إلى أقدم ترياثلون في الكويت.



Total Participant

Category Price

Category Price  
Super Sprint Individual 35.000 KD Register
Sprint Individual 35.000 KD Register
Olympic Individual 35.000 KD Register
Sprint Team Relay (Team) 55.000 KD Register
Olympic Team Relay (Team) 55.000 KD Register

Registration Outlets

Name Contact no. Email Address
Pro-Vision Sports Management +965 9880 0003 cs@pro-vision.com Al Mirqab, Abdullah Al Mubarak Street - Al Enma Tower, 12th Floor

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a multisport race that takes place annually in Kuwait. It features swimming, biking, and runnning.
It will take place on Saturday the 13th of March 2021 at Green Island in Kuwait at 6:30 am.
Super Sprint (350m Swim – 10km Bike – 2.5km Run) Sprint (750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run) Olympic (1500m Swim - 40km Bike - 10km Run)
Log on to www.theflyingstart.com and click on the 'Register Now' button.
Yes you can. Just visit our office and one of our team members can help. The address is: Kuwait City, Mirqab, Abdullah Al Mubarak Street, Al Enma'a Tower, Floor 12. Our office hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM.
No you cannot. As per our official event rules and guidelines: reselling, transferring, altering or duplicating your registration and or/bib is strictly prohibited.
Registration will close on the 11th of March 2021, or earlier if all categories are full.
This event accepts registrations from individuals and teams. Teams can compete only in the Sprint and Olympic categories and must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 athletes.
You will receive a race kit which includes a tshirt, bib number, race chip, wristband, tattoo, tri stickers and swim cap. Please note: there is a refundable racechip fee that will be added to your registration. This amount will be refunded after the race upon returning the race chip.
Your race chip MUST be worn on your ankle. No timing chip, no finish time! You must return your race chip after the event to collect your refund.
Will be announced closer to the race day
No, there will be NOT race kit pick up on the day of the triathlon.
Yes they can, they must have your registration receipt to collect it
Yes, 3 hours and 30 minutes. This means that you will have until 10:30 am to finish the race. You can still complete your race after this time, but your results will show as incomplete.
You need a bike, helmet, running/walking shoes, goggles, athlete wristband, and your race number. We also suggest, a change of clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, socks, extra fluids to drink pre-race and during the transition and a towel.
No. You will be disqualified if found wearing headphones/earphones during your course.
For the safety of all participants, we do not allow any of those on the course.
There will be a team on jetskis and lifeguards around the swim section
When you come out of the swim, run to your bike at the transition area, put on your helmet and race gear and unrack your bike. RUN WITH YOUR BIKE OUT OF TRANSITION AT THE BIKE EXIT. When you cross the MOUNT/DISMOUNT line you can get on your bike. When you return, you will need to get off your bike again before crossing this line. It is well marked and easy to see. Run with your bike back to the bike rack and re-rack your bike, get your run gear and head out the RUN EXIT.
This is a designated area where you can lay out all your equipment. Even though each athlete will have their own space, this area can become very congested after the swim portion and before the run. In this area, the athletes move from their swim to their bikes. There is also a transition area when athletes move from their bike to the run.
Notify a race official and we will arrange for a ride back to the transition area for you as soon possible. Report immediately to the Timing tent and turn in your chip (make sure to tell them who you are, don’t just put your chip on the table). You will not be allowed to continue on the course.
Yes, we will have medics and ambulances available on the race course.
Yes our partner Extreme Sports will have their bike mechanics around to help participants.
You will be given a medal at the finish line. After that, you can enjoy the race village with family, friends, and fellow participants. Your results and certificate will be available on the website's results page after the event is over. Also, don't forget to return your race chip to get your refund.
This is an area within Green Island where participants can mingle and relax before and after the race. It will feature booths from vendors providing various services.
You must return the race chip after the race at the designated counter to get your refund. Failure to do so will result with not receiving your 5KD refund.
This will take place on the same day of the triathlon at 11:00 am in Green Island.
They are more than welcome to wait at the race village in Green Island.
Yes there are. Please contact cs@pro-vision.com for more information.
Yes, they can compete in the Junior Duathlon which will take place on Friday the 23rd of October 2020
You can visit the link below to find out all the information about visa processes for Kuwait: https://kuwaitvisa.com/visa-types/
Yes we do. Please get in touch with us through cs@pro-vision.com so we connect you with our Hotel partners.