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سوق شرق



السباق تفاصيل


.Date:        26th  October 2017

Time:        4:00pm - 8:00pm 

Date:        27th  October 2017

Time:        2:00pm - 6:00pm 

Location:  Green Island

Participants must bring their registration receipt to collect the kits

Olympic Male & Female
1st Place - 500 KWD + Gold Medal 
2nd Place - Trek Bike + Silver Medal 
3rd Place - Extreme Gift Voucher + Bronze Medal 
Sprint Male & Female
1st Place - 250 KWD + Gold Medal 
2nd Place - Trek Bike + Silver Medal 
3rd Place - Extreme Gift Voucher + Bronze Medal 
Super Sprint Male & Female
1st Place - Extreme Gift Voucher + Gold Medal  
2nd Place - Silver Medal 
3rd Place - Bronze Medal 
1st Place Olympic - Silver Medal
1st Place Sprint - Bronze Medal 
Nationals - Olympic & Sprint :
1st Place - Gold 
2nd Place - Silver 
3rd Place - Bronze 



مجموع المشاركات

الفئة السعر

الفئة السعر  
. 40.000 التسجيل
Sprint (750m Swim – 20k Bike – 5k Run) (Team) 65.000 التسجيل
. 40.000 التسجيل
Olympic (1500m Swim – 40k Bike – 10k Run) (Team) 65.000 التسجيل
a 40.000 التسجيل
Engrave your medal 3.000 التسجيل



الشركاء & أمب؛ الرعاة

الراعي الرئيسي
الراعي البلاتيني
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الشائعة الأسئلة

Saturday, 28th of October Location: Green Island Gulf Road Closure: 6:00am Start Time: 6:30am Cut Off Time: 11:30 Award Ceremony 11:45am Participants are advised to be there at least 30 minutes earlier.
Sprint Swim - 750M Bike - 20KM Run - 5KM Olympic Swim - 1500M Bike - 40KM Run - 10KM
T-shirt Race Bib Race Chip (to be returned after the race) Water Bottle Wristband Tattoo Tri Stickers Swim Cap Finishers will get: Medal & Online Certificate NOTE: There's a Refundable Racechip fee that will be added to your registration. This amount will be refunded after the race upon returning the Race Chip.
Registration will close on the 25th October (or earlier if all distances are full)
No. Per our official event rules and guidelines: Sale, transfer, alteration or duplication of race entry/bib is strictly prohibited unless you have Race Insurance, which is an additional amount you pay while registering, which will allow you to either transfer or alter your details in the near future. NOTE: all changes, alteration, transfers will not be accepted after the 20th of October, 2017
E-mail events@pro-vision.com with “Change of Information" in the subject line – along with your registration confirmation receipt with Race Insurance
Date: 26th & 27th October Location:TBA Timing: Wednesday, 26th October 4:00pm - 8:00pm Thursday, 27th October 2:00pm - 6:00pm *NOTE, please bring your registration receipt to collect your Race Pack
Yes, only if the friend has your receipt number with them and will sign on your behalf. For group pickups, you must inform the organizers a week earlier with the details of the person that will be collecting the kits on the behalf of the group, as well as provide his Full Name, Mobile Number, Civil ID Number. there will be an official letter prepared with the kits on the day of the collection for them to sign.
Yes. All participants must pick up their event-issued bib number, timing device, technical T-shirt and Participant on the day of Race Kit Collections. There is NO race day packet pick-up.
For the safety of all participants we do not allow strollers, dogs, bicycles, roller blades or skateboards on the course.
At least 30 - 45 minutes before the race starts. The key is you need to be at the event venue to allow yourself time to park, set-up transition and be ready by the first wave start for the event.
Your timing chip goes on your left ankle. When you pick up your race packet, there will be directions on the envelope. No timing chip, no finish time! You must return your timing chip after the event chip after the event to collect your refund.
The transition area is a designated area where you can lay out all your equipment. Even though each athlete will have her own space, this area can become very congested after the swim portion and before the run. In this area the athletes move from the swim to bike and the bike to run.
Bike support will pump up your tire bike support will pump up your tires fix flat tires and help with me , fix flat tires and help with mechanical issues after your bike mechanical issues after your bike has been checked into the transition area.
You are only allowed to check in your helmet and shoes when you check in your bike. Bring your bag and any food and/or liquids on race morning to set at your transition.
Only participants with Race bib, tattoo or bike stickers.
You need a bike, helmet, running/walking shoes, goggles, athlete wristband, and your race number. We also suggest, a change of clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, socks, extra fluids to drink pre race and during transition and a towel.
When you come out of the swim, run to your bike, put on your helmet and race gear and unrack your bike. RUN WITH YOUR BIKE OUT OF TRANSITION AT THE BIKE EXIT . When you cross the MOUNT/DISMOUNT line you can get on your bike. When you return, you will need to get off your bike again before crossing this line. It is well marked and easy to see. Run with your bike back to the bike rack and re-rack your bike, get your run gear and head out the RUN EXIT.
Notify a race official and we will arrange for a ride back to the transition area for you as soon as are able. Report immediately to the Timing tent and turn in your chip (make sure to tell them who you are, don’t just put your chip on the table). You will not be allowed to continue on the course.
Results will be posted at www.theflyingstart.com on the event specific Web site under the results tab. Your personal finishing time will be also be emailed to you following the race.
Olympic Male & Female 1st Place - 500 KWD 2nd Place - Gift Hamper 3rd Place - Gift Hamper Sprint Male & Female 1st Place - 250 KWD 2nd Place - Gift Hamper 3rd Place - Gift Hamper Super Sprint Male & Female 1st Place - Gift Hamper 2nd Place - Trophy 3rd Place - Trophy Team Olympic & Sprint: 1st Place - Trophies
Sprint & Olympic: 18-25yrs 26-35yrs 36-45yrs 46+
You must submit the race chip after the race at the designated counter to collect your refund back. Failed to do so will result with not receiving your deposited amount of 5KD
All finishers will receive: - Medals - Downloadable Certificate